Math Calculator Download Instructions

Download Instructions

Follow these instructions to download a free “virtual” TI-83 plus on to your computer (PC). This is a tool that helps developers write programs for the calculator, so it is called a "Debugger."  You have to download the debugger software to access the virtual calculator.

Read through all of the steps first before you try the installation process.

STEP 1: Click on the following link to go to the Texas Instruments download site:

  Texas Instruments Download

                 Click on the red arrow under "Item Name."



STEP 2Save the file to your computer Desktop.  
                   The file name is "83psdk_setup".  It will appear as an icon on your desktop
                  Click on the "setup" icon on your desktop to install the program. 






STEP 3:   After installation you must restart your computer.
                   You will then see an icon on your desktop called "TI-83 Plus Flash Debugger".  


STEP 4:  To access the calculator, click on the "Flash Debugger" icon to start the program. Do the following:
                   -  Click File --> New --> Ti-83 Plus 
                   -  Click Debug --> Go
                   -  Click View --> Calc on Top
A calculator will appear on your screen.  Use your mouse to click the buttons.

                      Note:  You can save the file with a name (for example myti ).  You can use it each time you start so your
                                  calculator memory saves your data.  Click the following link to see a video demonstration of this process: