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Mr. Bennett's World History, Fall 2020 Home Page

Welcome to my World History class! This semester, we will explore, investigate, and discuss the development of human civilization from its earliest days all the way up to the modern era. Through primary sources, history labs, projects, and much more, students will build skills in critical thinking, research, and analysis, and will develop a greater understanding of a variety of cultures, places, and times from around the globe. 
This semester, we will be doing the vast majority of our work using Canvas. However, lectures, discussions, collaborative activities, and other coursework will take place in real time, and Canvas will merely be a storage center for information and a means of submitting work rather than completing things on paper. I will endeavor to work one-on-one as needed with each student. I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a stupid question, if the question is politely and appropriately asked. I look forward to working with each of my students this semester towards reaching their goals of success in this class. 
Be sure to check out the Syllabus Page for important class information. 
Fall 2020 Schedule:
1st Block: World History
2nd Block: Planning
3rd Block: World History
4th Block: World History Honors