Misty Huneycutt » School Social Worker

School Social Worker

     My name is Misty Huneycutt and I am one of the School Social Workers for Stanly County Schools.  I've been employed by Stanly County Schools for 12 years.  I'm currently assigned to 6 schools in the county, one being South Stanly High School, where I offer a variety of intervention strategies and support services.  A few of my roles include but are not limited to:
  • Enforcing the NC Attendance Law
  • Assisting with enrollment Issues
  • Reviewing and providing clarification of custody orders
  • CPS notification of suspected Abuse/Neglect/Dependancy
  • Assistance with school supplies, food, clothing & shelter
  • Drop-out prevention
  • McKinney Vento-Homeless Act identification and assistance
  • Serving as the link between our school, family and community.
  • Support in school, parent and/or teacher meetings.
     Students may be referred for problems and concerns that may effect their academic achievement and social-emotional well-being.  Students, parents, guardians, staff members or any other person who may be familiar with the student may refer to the School Social Worker.  My assigned days to visit South Stanly High School are on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.  I can be reached by email, work cell or by leaving a message with the school's front office staff.