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Principal's Message

The spring semester is upon us! As we move into the new beginning, I encourage our students, staff, and community continue to strive to achieve academics, athletics, moral and social excellence. We have such a strong network that supports and allows us to foster these areas in each of us. In order to finish the year strong, we will continue to exhibit our pride in what we stand for and connect in a way that allows for each to accomplish their individual best ―  leading to the result of collectively excelling.


To the students, dedicate yourself to be best in the classroom, in the halls, on the field, and in the community. You are encouraged to view situations as opportunities versus obstacles, look toward progression versus perfection, accept events as a source of developing strength versus a struggle. Develop a strong character that others will admire. Accept responsibility and be open to diverse perspectives. Keep your eye on the goal, your education!


After all, this is “The South Stanly Way!”


― Tanya Crisco, SSHS Principal